Uncovering the Benefits of Black Walnuts

Nutritional Value and Benefits of Black Walnuts

When we think of walnuts we most commonly think of English walnuts. There is a second variety of walnuts called black walnuts, and they are the walnuts that grow wild rather than being commercially harvested. Both the English and Black walnuts have similar nutritional benefits, but black walnuts are known to have higher levels of protein content than any other tree nut.

Another main difference lies in their flavor as well as where they originate. The black walnut is wild and comes from the United States, and the English walnut is produced in the Middle East. Black walnuts have a more robust, or some people may say, bitter flavor that makes them more desirable for certain recipes.

The black walnut is also known to be free of chemicals that are usually used when growing, harvesting and preserving other nuts since these are natural nuts that tend to grow wild.

The Black Walnut is also used for other things besides just its nutritional value. There are several uses for black walnut hulls and benefits of black walnuts for the skin and digestive system. The outside part of the black walnut is used for its medicinal value in treating parasitic worm infections and certain other infections.

It is the high concentration of chemicals referred to as tannins in black walnuts that can help reduce pain and swelling. Tannins also help in drying up mucus and other bodily fluids. It also assists with antiseptic healing qualities internally and externally, as well as cleaning out toxins and dangerous pathogens. It is a parasite killer and can support the balancing of blood sugar and in decreasing cholesterol.

The black walnut has many other medicinal qualities, especially in its hull, and can be extremely potent. Please make sure if you are using it to treat yourself that you are consulting with someone who is fully educated and can support and guide you with proper recommended dosages. This is specific for those who are using the medicinal qualities of the hull to treat any medical issues.

Black walnuts shine in recipes which use ingredients that complement their unique flavor. Their flavor brings in a new way to work with different foods from meats, poultries, fish, side dishes and baking treats. If you are simply planning on adding black walnuts to your diet to help add more flavor to your pallet and homemade dishes, you will be pleasantly surprised with all the wonderful treats you can make.