The incredible benefits Walnuts hold for your mind

Walnuts are considered one of the healthiest nuts for improving overall brain health.

They include plenty of essential nutrients and vitamins that will help you think clearer with better focus. Today we’re chatting about some of the greatest benefits walnuts have for your mind. Be sure to include a handful if your daily routine.

This helps improve cognitive thinking and may help prevent Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Medical experts highly recommend this during pregnancy as it helps in the proper development of the fetus’s brain. It also has positive effects on blood pressure, which, in turn, has a positive effect on the brain.

These fatty acids help in boosting your mental health by not only improving the overall memory but also cognitive thinking. They help to balances hormones which may have a positive effect on your mood. These fatty acids are essential for the overall wellbeing of the brain, whether it is for a child’s brain or an adult’s brain.

Walnuts are rich in polyphenols which experts recommend for their neuroprotective actions. This means that they are effective in protecting neurons from injuries — whether induced by toxins or by stress. Moreover, it also helps in reducing inflammation in the brain. Like Omega-3’s, polyphenols also boost memory and cognitive thinking.

This vitamin is an antioxidant that prevents cells from damage due to oxidation. The cells in our brain are very susceptible to damage due to oxidation. The risk of this damage increases with age and time, and therefore walnuts are quite effective in preventing cell damage. This, in turn, prevents diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

You can find the above-mentioned natural chemicals in abundance in walnuts. Apart from that, many other chemicals like amino acids, magnesium, and potassium are also present. And one of the best facts about walnuts is that you don’t have to pinch pennies to get your weekly dose. Walnuts are neither expensive nor do you need to consume them in high amounts. Even just a few walnuts a day will give you enough natural chemicals to nourish your whole body.

Written by Christina Orso