The Astonishing Health Benefits of Brazil nuts

These nuts have some pretty amazing health benefits.

Brazil nuts aren’t just a delicious snack. It turns out that these nuts have some pretty amazing health benefits. Eating just a couple Brazil nuts a day has some great advantages to your overall diet.

Selenium is an important chemical the body uses to make thyroid hormones, which are important for controlling our metabolism. As a result, the thyroid gland is abundant with selenium. However, it just so happens that the Brazil nut is another great source of selenium. Studies have shown that the selenium in Brazil nuts can help increase any low blood levels of the T3 hormone in patients with hypothyroidism, which ultimately can help them boost their metabolism. This is one of the reasons Brazil nuts are a great natural remedy to improve metabolism and prevent thyroid disease.

A selenium deficiency in the body can increase a person’s risk of liver cancer. The risk can increase by up to ten times in people with low levels of selenium. Not only is selenium a great deterrent of liver cancer, but it also helps reduce the chances of skin cancer as well, making it one of the more effective anti-cancer foods.

A study was conducted with individuals who were provided with single-serving portions of Brazil nuts each. After consuming the nuts, each individual showed an instant improvement in their levels of cholesterol. Not only that, the bad cholesterols (LDLs) lowered in the blood in only a short of span of nine hours. The reduction instant, and the effect lasted for an entire month, showing that the Brazil nut acts as a great cholesterol-reducing food.

Speaking of improvement, the Brazil nut can also boost your mood and reduce depression and anxiety. According to the Swansea University Department of Psychology, their study showed that people who had diets low in selenium showed more frequent mood swings and a greater frequency of panic attacks and depression episodes.

Having one Brazil nut each day is sure to make the body’s anti-inflammatory and anti-metabolic responses much more efficient. According to a 2012 study, people who followed a diet consisting of one nut per day for three months showed improved responses with regards to inflammatory conditions, showing instantly improved and effective immune activity.

Just one or two Brazil nuts a day can lead to greater, more improved overall physical and mental health. They’re packed with nutrients your body is craving. Pick up a bag of Nature’s Eats Brazil nuts and get to healthy snacking today!

Written by Christina Orso