How to lose 10 pounds

Is there a secret formula on how to lose 10 pounds?

It’s always those last 10 – 15 pounds that are the hardest to get rid of. Here is a reliable formula that will transition your body from a sugar burner to a fat burner.

This transition sets your body up to start using your unwanted fat (rather than sugar) as it’s the primary fuel. This transition will take a little effort on your part but with some simple new habits in place, you can watch the last 10 pounds disappear and stay off.


So many people are looking for ways to get rid of that last 10-20 pounds. Converting your body into an efficient fat burner is the best way to burn fat. Rather than your body using sugar as its primary fuel, it will begin using fat as its primary fuel. Did you know that someone who is walking around with 20 pounds of fat has over 50,000 fat calories available to use as fuel?

Our bodies still need glucose. In an ideal world, our body would first burn the fatty acids until eventually it is called on to burn glucose. We rely heavily on glycogen for our brains to function and for high-intensity exercise.

So what is the secret to making the conversion over from being a sugar or glucose burner to a fat burner? It is the same secret you can learn for how to lose 10 pounds. There is no secret; it comes down to changing your lifestyle rituals or practices.

There are four areas you can focus on to make a shift to support this change.


You must alter your diet making a dramatic shift away from eating foods that are high in carbohydrates to eating more foods that are full of healthful fats. Eating too many carbs causes excessively high insulin levels. When 50-85% of your calories consumed come from healthy fats, you will begin to tip the scale.

Simply increasing the number of foods you eat that are high in healthy fat jump starts this process. These foods help keep you satiated and reduce cravings for foods that are high in glucose. Tree nuts like raw and natural almondspecansmacadamia nuts, and seeds are excellent choices.

Simply snacking naturally with tree nuts and avocados rather than crackers, chips and even too much fruit can help. In addition to tree nuts, you get healthy fats from grass-fed butter, organic pastured egg yolks, grass-fed meats, unheated organic nut oils, coconuts and coconut oil.


As you increase your healthy fats, and your body becomes less and less reliant on glucose and sugar, your body will begin to manage your carbohydrate intake better. Its ability to metabolize glucose and store glycogen with minimal amounts of insulin will support your fat metabolism, training your body to use fat for fuel versus sugar. This is one of the reasons why it is the most efficient way to burn fat.


Adopting intermittent fasting also helps speed up this metabolic shift. It takes your body approximately six to eight hours to burn all the sugar that stores itself in your body as glycogen. It’s not like back in the hunting and gathering days where we would go extended periods without eating as we found our next meal. It is common these days for a person to every three meals a day with snacking in between. This behavior alone teaches your body to burn sugar as your primary fuel and makes it nearly impossible for your body ever to get to burn the fat as fuel.

It could take several weeks or even months for someone to retrain their body with intermittent fasting to become a fat burner. You can do simple things like shortening the window of time you consume food. Not eating 3 hours before you sleep and then rather than waking up to a big bowl of oatmeal or cereal maybe you snack on a handful of natural nuts can help the process. In addition to weight loss, intermittent fasting has also been proven to extend the life span and improve the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

Calorie restriction has been shown to increase longevity since it improves insulin and leptin resistance. Once your body begins to shift into a fat-burning mode, you will notice that your cravings for sweets and food, in general, will start to melt away. The increase in your healthy gut bacteria will also dramatically improve your immune system, improve your sleep and increase your energy levels and mental clarity.


Mitochondria are organisms found in most cells that supply energy and carry out special functions such as regulating cell growth. Your fatty acids are processed through the mitochondria to be oxidized and turned into energy or ATP. As you increase mitochondria, it helps you burn more fat and do it in the most efficient manner.

To create an increase of mitochondria in the body, you must give your body a reason to produce more of them. The simplest way to do this is to cause the rapid creation of these cell powerhouses by pushing your energy demands up and above what is available to your body right now. As you, up to your intensity you will reap the reward.

One of the best ways to burn fat fast to convert yourself from being a sugar burner to a fat burner.

It takes a commitment of about 3-4 weeks to make the transition, but if you follow some of the tips mentioned above you will position your body in the most efficient way to burn fat. And when you do, you’ll be thrilled with the results.

Written by Lisa Saremi