5 Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

Healthy snacking for weight loss, longevity and health management

If you are trying to lose weight and are seeking fast healthy weight loss, the first area you must focus on is your diet. You can drop weight in many ways; however, fast healthy weight loss requires a combination of watching what you eat as well as moving your body more and being active. The best way to drop weight quickly if you are trying to lose weight is to implement healthy weight loss strategies.

A great place to start your journey for losing weight healthily is to focus in on your snacking habits as well as how much food you are eating throughout the day. When your goal is fast healthy weight loss, you should minimize snacking as much as you can and make sure that you only consume snacks for weight loss if you do snack.

There are foods you can snack on that will help you drop weight because they will leave you more satiated due to a higher percentage of protein and healthy fats. Snacking, when done right, can also help you with overall portion control, ensuring that your body has the appropriate fuel it may need in between meals so that you are not ravenous by mealtime.

This powerhouse combo not only tastes delicious but is full of nutrition. The grapes are sweet and the Nature’s Eats Walnuts filling, making portion control easier. Just a cup of grapes and handful of walnuts is all you need. Full of natural sugars, fiber, protein and healthy fats, this is the perfect combo to give you long-lasting energy.

This healthy snack can easily become an all-time favorite. A cup of plain Greek yogurt topped with a handful of Nature’s Eats Almonds or Nature’s Eats Walnuts, or maybe even both. Add a handful of your favorite berries- fresh or dried- and a little bit of honey or agave. Because there is less chewing required with this snack, remember to practice portion control on this one.

Oats can be eaten any time of day, not just in the morning for breakfast. Anytime we add Nature’s Eats Nuts to our snacks it slows down how our body processes sugar. Oats are full of fiber and help regulate blood sugar levels and energy. The blueberries add a sweetness while the nuts give the perfect crunch. This healthy snack can be a little dense so make sure not to overindulge and keep it to about a cup.

This is the perfect energizing healthy snack. The burst of carbs from the banana will give you an energy spike and the protein from the nut butter will sustain your energy for hours. If you do not have an active schedule, stick to ½ a banana and a tablespoon of nut butter. You can also slice the banana length wise and spread the nut butter in the middle of your banana like a sandwich.

Kale chips are highly dense in nutrition, easy to make, and happen to be delicious. You can make them just with a toss of olive oil, garlic, seasoning, and any other flavoring that you may like. You can also sprinkle the kales leaves with savory toppings prior to baking/dehydrating, such as ground up cashews or sunflower seeds with a little bit of nutritional yeast for a zesty, cheesy flavor. In addition to the cheesy flavor, the added nuts will stave off hunger and provide those healthy fats and proteins.

When looking for the best way to drop weight fast, it is important to stick to snacks for weight loss. The five snacks above are perfect, and when consumed with portion control, can support anyone who is trying to lose weight. If you feel like losing weight is something you need to focus on, it is always best to lose weight healthily, and healthy snacking is the perfect place to start.

Even if you are not looking to lose weight, healthy snacking is a good practice to practice at home and on the go. It is better for longevity as well as health management. It ensures higher levels of energy, concentration, and overall well-being. So whether you are trying to drop weight or just live a healthier lifestyle try out the above-mentioned snacks. You are sure to not only feel the difference but, with commitment and patience, you will also see the difference.

Written by Lisa Saremi